These instructions are only for the ContextAzon Plus+ version of the plugin.
If you need to upgrade your plugin to ContextAzon Plus+ click here

90 Days Amazon Cookie Support – earning commission even if the visitor doesn’t complete the purchase right away.
In ContextAzon settings under Amazon tab find “Amazon 90 Days Cookie Add-On” box and set the status to “Enabled”.
You can optionally change your “Add to Cart” text there.
Your banners should now show “Add to Cart” buttons and when visitor clicks it they will be sent to amazon to confirm the “add to cart” action. Once they confirm and buy the product any time in the 90 days period your associates account will be credited with the commission for that purchase.

eBay Partner Network (ePN) Support – making money by promoting eBay listings
If you are an eBay affiliate (eBay’s Partner Network member) you can have eBay listings in the ContextAzon banners.
To set it up click “ePN Settings” link under ContextAzon menu. Fill out all required settings on the next screen and check your site.

Sticky Banners Placement
You can make banners more prominent by using this placement and making banners stick to the left or right side.
Under ContextAzon menu click “Banners” and click the banner you wish to set to sticky placement.
Find “Placement” option and set it to “Sticky”

Developer’s License
With ContextAzon Plus+ you get developer’s license which give you rights to install the plugin on your client’s sites or sites you sell or flip.
Please note, this license doesn’t allow you to sell the plugin.
To generate client’s license key go to
enter your paypal email and you will get an email address that looks like Use that email address to activate license on your client’s site.
If you need your PDF license files log on to with your paypal email (if you don’t have account yet you can create one), click My Downloads and click the license links.

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